Nray was written to close gaps other tools did not address. It is free software and hopefully serves you well. There are no companies or financial resources involved and the complete development happened in spare time during weekends and evenings.

There may be many bugs to fix, tests to write and features to implement. This page gives an overview on how to improve nray to make it a robust port scanner everybody likes to use in the daily workflow.

  • Improve documentation. Sentences aren’t clear, examples missing, you have a better explanation? You can edit each page of the documentation with a few clicks. Once done, send a pull request and after a review, your changes are probably going to be merged and go live.
  • Find bugs, open issues. This is probably the most common way to participate: Find the corner cases and usage scenarios breaking nray’s functionality.
  • Opening issues does not get work done, so the next step is to clone the repository and start fixing issues or implementing new functionality. The project’s Github page has more information on how to get started with development.
  • Write tests, review pull requests, help to restructure and refactor code in a way to keep nray maintainable and extensible.
  • Spread the word: Write blog posts, share success stories, tell your friends and colleagues.